Aum Shakti Aum

New music video from Antarma is dedicated to the Divine Feminine, Mother Nature and All Women

Antarma, one of London’s most respected underground artists, is releasing his debut music video, “Aum Shakti Aum” featuring Indian classical dancer and choreographer - Archana, directed by Kishore. In Antarma’s words:

“Aum Shakti Aum is dedicated to the Divine Feminine, Mother Nature and All Women.”

“This dance video was given as an offering by the incredible traditional Indian dancer, Archana, from Tamil Nadu, India. Archana choreographed movements and expressions to embody the feelings and descriptions of the Sanskrit mantras and English poetry.”

“We are all deeply moved to witness Archana’s dance, so full of mastery, love and devotion.”

Infamous for his hybrid embodiment of wild urban musician and sacred devotional practitioner, Antarma’s unique combination of bold and sweet sounds permeate the soul of Aum Shakti Aum.

This is present day rap poetry, encoded with the profound concepts of ancient Sanskrit mantras - an international musical fusion of traditional group mantra singing, Indian classical violin from Kumar Raghunathan and Antarma’s distinctive vocals and open tuned guitars, masterfully blended together by Grammy award-winning producer Duncan Bridgeman’s soaring string arrangements and beats.

Aum Shakti Aum is the first of 6 releases building towards the launch of Antarma’s debut album, “All For Her”, produced by Grammy award-winning producer, Duncan Bridgeman (1Giant Leap, Nessi Gomez) and released on OneTaste by Dannii Evans

These long awaited recordings capture the essence of Antarma’s signature multi-genre / instrumental artistry, blending cultures and concepts into a powerfully moving sonic journey.

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