EcoHustler Podcast 003 – Mark Nelson - Biosphere 2

Pushing our limits - two years in a sealed, miniature Earth

In 1991 Mark Nelson joined seven other explorers to boldly go where no one had gone before: into a sealed, miniature Earth where they would have to survive two years on their own with no material inputs

Mark Nelson

 "Ever wonder what it’d be like to be part of the first crew to live in orbit or on the Moon or Mars? Or to be a subsistence farmer and care-taker of a newly birthed living world, a modern Garden of Eden? I had the chance to live that kind of life – science fiction become fact. But the project was so ambitious, many thought we were 50 years ahead of our time. We had to learn to become the natives of this new kind of techno-living synthesis. No one had ever done it before, no operating manual to consult for our daring experiment in biospherics, in sustainability. "

Mark Nelson, biospherian crew member 1991-1993

The biospherian enter their new world Biosphere 2 from above The rainforest biome

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