Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati

"Every man is not created equalWe are all created mad different" 

 Album: FIRST OF A LIVING BREED Directed, shot and edited by Bunny Bread for Code Emphasis Media Also from the album.... SPUTNIK NOT REALLY COUPLE BARS WHATCHU WANT

Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati - Lyrics

Every man is not created equal We are all created mad different Some are bad people, the bald eagle's mad evil Place you in a class C, feed you placebo Chick the cops were caught spooning, caught it sooner than the pack Think they tapping your computer your computer is a tap Human traffickers wanna track you your computer is a map Forget whoever fingerprints they got a match they got a Mac Every app that's on your jack's for getting jacked Every act on every bill and every law and every bill and every act This game is run so they can run up where you at They got patting down down pat I gotta give them that Now there's money that I never had I'm supposed to give it back They keep statistics on the gifted young and black They put out statistics people read em, act like they been given fact That they've been given lean when they been giving fat Chem trails D'amore arrest and raise the rent in jails GMO's to monkey wrench in your entrails All you see is shop and save sales Where's the dough you sent to try and save whales Well....that was took and added to the money from the breast cancer walk Who knows what's the answer to what it bought The grief of what you have been wrought was all for naught It's too high a cost trying to save the orphans just keep them off the lawn The war on drugs been going on for awful long These folks married to the game instead of dating off and on But there's no poppy fields in harlem look around For some reason all the brown nino's turn to nino browns We used to beat on Bush but now he's not around So people have found a different bush to beat around Favorite noise of boys in blue ka-pow You're bound to catch a round you're almost lucky when they only beat you down Tight girls straighten out their tight curls Everybody wants to be a skinny white girl Cause all you see is skinny white girls Though black girls are allowed if they getting loud or if they getting plowed Keep em from being proud it's easy to keep em down Keep em drowned in doubt keep em down and out Favor flavor chuck to chuck D you can say that black is ugly long as you say it round about It's not the type of ish with which to clown around Rap to them about cap and pow instead of cap and gowns Tell them they bugging out if they don't get around It'll bug them out too much to wrap their head around Release the Create an enemy to hate By then it's won't be tough by then they'll hate themselves so much they couldn't wait They'll drown in booze that which they couldn't take And that'll make them slaves And then we cut the pay and lengthen days Provide the drugs to medicate then cut the medicade And institute a military state And provide Isreal with military aid just to rub it in their face They'll be afraid because they don't have any faith They'll claim that they believe but that is not how they behave As money comes to power over power that's divine They will all turn into cowards cause they're all afraid to die They'll never form alliance They'll be content to live a lie as long as they're alive The sirs and madams will surmise That it's on us which they rely they'll never realize That we rely on them Any moment they decide they can make it end Instead just make some ends cause life is hopeless times is hard And keep em focused on religion so they never look for god

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