Permaculture in the Amazon with the Chaikuni Institute

A new paradigm emerges in the Amazon 

The Chaikuni Institute, a Peruvian non profit organization, integrates design, education, experimentation and community outreach to promote regenerative development in the Amazon Rainforest. By coupling ancestral knowledge with modern innovation, they are forming a network that embodies self-reliance, resilience, and resurgence while promoting local, ecological economies. For more information, please visit Director: Safiya Randera Camera: Veronique Cabois, Safiya Randera, Debbie Rivett, Marc Silver Editor: Veronique Cabois Music: Adham Shaikh (Melancholy Mystic / Return To Light) Aqualactica (Fractal Nativo / Siete Espacios) Debbie Rivett and Kyo (Dreams) Yuin Huzami and Lachlan Mitchell (Ikaro Del Mar) banner-permaculture-straight chaikuni 2

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