The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Giving innovative, pro-social nudges as Christmas presents puts a smile on our faces whilst doing some good in the world.

adbusters_blog_BNXMAS_s_0Buying people “alternative gifts” over the festive season is on the up as new options become available and regular present-buying loses its sparkle.

adbusters_everything-is-fine-keep-shoppingGiving conventional physical presents is already a bum-out for the buyer who has to brave the Christmas crush - and that’s before we get into the wrapping, packaging, not to mention the ethical hangover.

In contrast, the more conscientious among us are getting creative or giving each other gifts in the form of innovative, pro-social 'nudges', which put a smile on our faces whilst also doing some good in the world.

Leading the charge is Abundance Generation. This crowd investment platform was the first in the UK allowing internet users to put small amounts of money into large-scale renewable energy projects. These micro-investment gifts start from as little as £5. You don’t have to be a millionaire to give a gift that does good in multiple ways:

  • Earning the receiver a decent rate of interest (typically 6-7%)
  • Taking money away from banks who invest it unethically (e.g. arms companies and big oil)
  • Putting money into renewable energy projects (supporting alternative energy companies, bringing energy bills down and responding to climate change)


These Christmas gifts are an exciting new frontier in the drive for the Clean Energy Revolution. The potentially positive outcome is not just financial – the receiver of the gift will have their curiosity piqued: what are these products? Why are they good? What are the benefits of citizens co-owning distributed renewable energy assets?

As they learn more, they may be inclined to add more money over time and to tell their friends about it. What started as a fun Christmas surprise may seed a new understanding that the money we spend on our energy bill, like our choice of bank, is a vote for the kind of world we want.


When tens of thousands of us take our money out of banks and invest in renewable energy projects we will see very rapid change in our world. Everywhere, wind and sun will drive electrons through wires adding credit to our accounts. Banks and large energy companies will cede power to networks of citizens, and resistance to action on climate change will gradually ease.

The shift in energy ownership - and who profits from it - will help the world move consciously forward to new and better ways of living on our planet earth.

It is a massive buzz to see positive change happening in the world. Right now, switched on citizens are beginning to harness the power we share when we choose to link up and collaborate to make a difference

This new innovation from Abundance gives us the opportunity to pass this on as a Christmas gift, putting a huge dose of magic sparkle back into the festive season. Lets do this. eco christmas

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