Who do they think they are? (a poem)

Mutating our foodWater and air

capitalist-pyramid-iwwBy Penelope Salmon 

Mutating our food, water and air Telling us how to think, what to wear Killing our badgers, felling our trees Shooting our deer, ignoring our pleas We're caught in their lie, broadsheets of fear And when we ask why? There's no-one to hear Selling our land, polluting our water Feeding us drugs, blind led to the slaughter It's time to be heard, acknowledge the lie We're all in this together It's wake up or fry! So those who figure they're up on the news Reading over and over the same again views Or those who think politics more than a game And vote every time, always the same Then wonder why nothing seems to improve But keep on believing with faith, even love That America God Bless Her and Great Britain too Have the truth in a bag and know what to do Protect us from evils they tell us exist Then put millions of lives at terrible risk Compassion and love doesn't kill Doesn't maime Lives lost for oil and material gain We have to know they don't protect us But live to control us Manipulators! And in every battle two sides will gain We need to know Those two sides are the same! If you want life to change, to care for the land It's time to speak up, Take the future in hand! We're reaching the point where there is no return Wake up and speak out! Or sleep rot and burn! If enough of us gather There's a chance we'll be heard To keep living this way Is more than absurd Say No to Toxic waste Nuclear power and radiation Say No to Plastics Slave labour and degradation Say No to Corruption Animal cruelty and perverted priests Say No to Monsanto Oil spills and manmade disease Say No to Fracking Tax evasion and child porn Say No to Factory farms GM crops and rhino horn If you want to live with fish in the seas A sustainable planet with forests of trees Take energy from the wind, the sun and the water Look forward to a life for your sons and your daughters Penelope Salmon is an environmentalist and artist. She has spent the last 16 years creating an eco retreat in Southern Spain - completely off-grid with wind and solar power and market gardens - a celebration of nature. Discover more at spain yurt yellow blue geraniums