We the people save our ancient woodlands

A new campaign is using Common Law to stop the UK's biggest deforestation event since WW1

All life is sacred

We, the people, are looking to urgently halt the biggest deforestation project in Britain since World War 1, which could devastate 108 Ancient Woodlands, 693 Local Wildlife Sites and 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The Government and HS2 are showing shockingly poor environmental standards with the construction of their new railway which is going to cost over 100 billion pounds. We the People need to wake up to our heritage, the land of our ancestors and we need to protect our land for our children and our children's children.

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Boris Johnson has given the go-ahead for the HS2 Railway to irreplaceably and unnecessarily cut down our ancient heritage and the animal dwellers who live there. This new railway is projected to cost over one hundred billion pounds of our money and to add insult to injury the Government and HS2 are already flouting the laws and failing in their promises - heartlessly cutting down trees while birds are nesting and risking lives of construction workers during the lockdown period. We, the collective, do hereby apply Natural Law (see our letter below) to protect our ancient woodlands for ourselves and also our children.

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Email to the Prime Minister

[Boris Johnson PM]

:Notice of Opportunity to Cure

[We the people of this country the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland write to you in your private capacity to cure as our elected Prime Minister and custodian of the land.

We find that the HS2 contract agreed to by you and by default the government results in the destruction of ancient woodlands and the flora and fauna within and we compel you to retract this contract. Note that 33 legally protected sites of scientific interest are in the path of development.

We do not give consent to you Boris Johnson or HS2 in your private capacities to sacrifice our natural heritage in the building of this railway line.

This misfeasance of office is a TORT against your people and our land and in accordance with the maxim of equity we remind you that we did not enter into a tacit agreement.

We request all work to be suspended until a moratorium is held in a fair and reasonable manner.

In respect of our entitlement to save our land from this devastation we ask that you respond to us in a timely fashion.]

:The People.


Did HS2 in recent times

Cut down Old England's ancient trees

And did they kill our Oaks and Limes

Forests and woods and green valleys

And do they take the habitats

Of nature's birds, hedgehogs and bats

And still won't stop till they've destroyed

Old England's green and pleasant land.


Using a dark satanic 'Bill'

HS2 will just kill and kill

All living things that need to breathe

As from our land and parks they thieve Clean air for life, is our real wealth

Cause greed and money, can't buy our health

No choice we're forced to breathe foul air

While HS2 strips England bare!


Music 'Jerusalem'.Composed by Sir Hubert Parry ( 10th March 1916).

Alternative Lyrics written by Mimi Romilly ( 10th February 2018).\_fXAk