BREAKING - Boris tells the truth about the climate emergency

In a parallel dimension - the UK Prime Minister takes decisive action

The UK government is letting the world down at a crucial time. COP26 is happening on UK soil in November and critics are increasingly concerned that there is a total lack of leadership and ambition from the host country. Boris Johnson seems to view the greatest existential threat faced by human civilisation (the climate emergency) as just another political inconvenience he can bumble his way through.

HS2 is emblematic of Boris’s failure to hear the concerns of the people of this country. His determination to press ahead with a mega infrastructure “vanity project” even when it is massively over budget, doesn’t seem to be needed any more (if it ever was) and while widespread opposition to the deforestation and ecological destruction associated with the project keeps growing.

The UK government is still funding coal projects, allowing oil prospecting in the North Sea and pushing ahead with HS2. It is also failing to set ambitious goals for COP26 nor putting forward workable and scalable climate solutions. In doing so this government is undermining a critical global climate conference when it should be doing the exact opposite. These are dangerous times and we want to put pressure on the Prime Minister to change direction whilst also raising awareness of the positive solutions that do exist and could be implemented now if the political will existed.

Understanding the severity of the climate emergency and hearing the concerns of the people - the UK Prime Minister takes action. He immediately cancels unnecessary projects with massive ecological impacts and instead focusses his government's energies on policies that reduce emissions and improve people's lives - they include (but are not limited to) -

  • Immediately ending all fossil fuel subsidies
  • Rewilding the UK’s national parks
  • A Green New Deal to make homes everywhere work better
  • And more!

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