Pumping for Putin - sticker pack

Stickers to use in and around petrol stations still selling Russian oil


A sticker pack contains over 100 stickers. The price is just to cover postage.

Thank you for acting to help defund Russia’s fossil-fuelled war on Ukraine.

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Here’s a three-step guide.

Visit your local petrol station/s at a time when plenty of people are filling up and the cashier is busy, possibly wearing a hat or dark glasses!

Stick a sticker on the flat advertising panel on the top of the petrol pump head (to maximise customer views), and if possible somewhere else near the entrance to the petrol station.

Take a photo! Then either Whatsapp the photo, along with the town or location of the petrol station, to this number: 07811 205 510. OR - post the photo on social media yourself, inspired by some of the draft talking points below, using #PumpingForPutin

Suggested draft social media talking points:

Hey @sainsburys I saw this on one of your pumps. Are you still selling Russian diesel months after Ukraine has asked all companies to stop doing so?


Is anyone else seeing these stickers on petrol pumps? And @tesco is it true you’re still selling oil products from Russia, helping to fund its war on Ukraine?


@Esso customers are losing patience it seems. IF you’re still selling Russian oil products funding Russia’s war on Ukraine, when exactly are you going to stop?

@shell are you still #PumpingForPutin? Waiting for the UK embargo to kick in at the end of this year is not good enough, people are dying in Ukraine today.