Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir 500ml

Keep the cold and flu at bay the organic way !


As cooler weather approaches, we’re always looking for ways to steer clear of colds and winter illnesses. What happens if we, or ( even worse ) our child, gets a cold or the flu? Cold and flu medicine is riddled with all sorts of nasty chemicals that just mask the symptoms, but don’t actually help our body heal.

So what do you do?

We say, TURN TO NATURE ! ! Mother Nature has provided all we need to stay well and if we get an illness, she is there with her bountiful gifts to get us better ! ! This is where the amazing powerhouse of Sweet Bee Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir comes into to play.

Elderberry contains antioxidants that helps fight colds and flu while boosting your immune system. One cup ( 145g ) of fresh elderberries contain:

870 mg of vitamin A

406 mg of potassium

52 . 2 mg of vitamin C

9 mg of folate

55 mg of calcium

2 . 32 mg of iron

Talk about one amazing berry ! !

Winter Wellness takes the beautiful Elderberry and mixes it with other immune boosting, vitamin rich organic gifts from Mother Earth.

Honey - for it’s antibacterial properties and it’s beautiful viscosity that coats the system to prevent infection

Turmeric - for it’s potent anti - inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Ginger - The anti - inflammatory gingerols and shaogals in ginger root will help to relieve a sore throat quickly, and also kill rhinoviruses, which cause colds in the first place.

Rosemary - for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Rosemary is said to stimulate the circulatory system and thus is thought to encourage blood flow to the brain to relieve headaches and other body aches.

Cinnamon - for its ability to decelerate the progress of a number of bacteria and fungi, the microorganisms that frequently cause the common cold.

and of course, the amazing….

Elderberry - for its powerhouse packed immune supporting, anti - viral, anti - bacterial, vitamin and antioxidant rich properties.

> 1% organic apple brandy as a natural preservative to ensure the elixir remains fresh.

Every ingredient is 100% Organic and natural. There are zero chemicals. Each batch is handcrafted with care.


To use Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir as a preventative, give 1 tbs per day to adults or 1 tsp per day to children.

At the first sign of illness, give adults** 1 tbs every 2 - 3 hours.**

For children, give 1 tsp every 2 - 3 hours.

To be enjoyed on its own, diluted in hot water for a nourishing tea, or use it in delicious ways: mixed into yogurt, as a pancake syrup, in your smoothie.

Store in the refrigerator upon receipt of Winter Wellness.

Shake before each use.

Not suitable for children under 1 year old.