Ecohustler Water Canteen

Solid, stainless steel water canteen - never buy a disposable plastic water bottle again.


These excellent quality water canteens will become your trusty companion on all your daily missions. Stay hydrated and never have to buy disposable plastic water bottles again. Fly the flag for a plastic free future!

A huge amount of plastic pollution is created from people buying water in disposable plastic bottles. This is really crazy because the water is no better for us then what comes out of the tap. As soon as we have a trusty water canteen we can simply refill and go and totally cut this source of plastic pollution out of our lives.

Our canteens are ethically manufactured by RAW Foundation to high specifications. They are durable and hard wearing and will last for years.

Ecohustler water canteens are great for everyday use. They are also very useful for camping and going to festivals. Our canteens are large - 750 ml. This means that they carry plenty of fluid to keep us going all day long.