The invisible ideologies trashing our planet

An evening with George Monbiot in London 11th February

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Our lives are governed by three belief systems that we do not even recognise as belief systems: Consumerism, Neoliberalism and Capitalism. Together, they are tearing our world apart and tearing our minds apart. We cannot fight them without first understanding them.

George Monbiot comes to the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London to discuss the invisible ideology trashing our planet. This three hour event will allow George to delve deep into the connections and concerns around climate emergency, consumerism, advertising, technology and mental health. He will offer practical solutions and advice in these challenging times.

This event will consist of a 60 minute uninterrupted talk from George. This will be followed by an 80 minute question and answer session with the audience.

A powerful new narrative is the vehicle for all political transformations. While all the progressive parties in the UK have proposed good policies, none of them have told a story that exactly fits the successful narrative template. Let’s work together to craft the story of change.

If you are considering coming to this event we would suggest watching our previous series of videos 'connecting the dots' between climate change, mental health and consumerism . This will allow us to develop the conversation, move forward with these important discussions.


Lots of low cost tickets for students so please share with friends as these events sell out fast.

Let’s change the nature of politics in this country. Let’s allow the fascinating, unpredictable dynamics of a functioning society to emerge. Let the wild rumpus start.

About George Monbiot:

George is an author, environmental activist and Guardian columnist. His best-selling books include Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human life, The Age of Consent and Heat: How We Can Stop the Planet Burning; his latest is Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis.

George Monbiot’s website - https://www.monbiot.com

Door open at 6pm Show starts at 6.55pm.

There will be no entry after 7pm so please arrive early.

Bristol in March If you live too far away or you can’t make this event we also have a similar talk in Bristol at the Anson Rooms on 12th March. https://www.facebook.com/events/453627722001118/