Kiss the Ground

Restoring soil with regenerative agriculture is the answer\_DBVN2DUM


It brings us food, clothing, shelter, and helps keep our water cycle healthy. It’s also an important part of reversing global warming. Kiss The Ground empowers people to restore soil and helps accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture. Healthy soil can balance the climate: it’s a story that must be told, a global conversation about the importance of soil health, the possibility of regenerative agriculture to balance our climate, and how interconnected we are to nature’s cycles. Soil degradation leads to:

  • less nutritious food
  • reduced water infiltration
  • loss of biodiversity
  • smaller farm profits
  • carbon release
  • extreme weather events
  • heat island effect

Together we can solve the greatest challenge of our time – climate change. The science and technology exist, now it’s up to all of us to bring our hearts, our will, and our action. Restoring soil with regenerative agriculture is the answer.