New Urbanears made from 91% post-consumer recycled plastic waste

Urbanears launches new noise cancelling true wireless headphones – supported by new app

Urbanears is announcing the release of Urbanears Juno – a True Wireless headphone that provides high value and quality, at a competitive price. With new features like noise cancellation and a new app for live software updates for longer lifetime and personal customization, Juno is Urbanears’ most technically progressive product to date. Urbanears Juno is made from *91% post-consumer recycled plastic waste, and is designed to last.

With the launch of Urbanears Juno, Urbanears are introducing their first ever noise cancelling true wireless headphone to the audio market, at a competitive price, made from post-consumer recycled plastic. Urbanears Juno brings many new updates to its listener – with noise cancellation and the newly launched app being the most significant. The ANC feature allows you to tune in or drop out of your surroundings as much as you need to, using only a tap on the earbud. With the new app support, you can customise your headphones by adjusting touch controls and installing software updates, allowing your headphones to stay up to date and last longer.

Besides ANC and the new app support, Urbanears Juno will offer multipoint connectivity, wireless charging, and a prolonged playtime, which makes it a seamless and versatile listening experience – perfect for a lifestyle on the go.

The philosophy is to make simple, yet extraordinary products that people want to wear, every day and everywhere. They create enjoyable listening experiences at a fair price, improving everyday life for family, friends and fellow customers. In the meantime "we try to be a bit kinder to the planet" says Emelie Runnquist, Director at Urbanears.

Urbanears Juno consists of 57% plastic, of which 91 % is recycled (excluding plastic in electronic components). By also prolonging the product lifetime with technical features such as app support for ongoing updates, eco-charging and a minimalistic design, Urbanears Juno is created to last a long time.

The vision is to inspire a better sounding, more sustainable future. We believe that every small bit helps. Using post-consumer plastic waste is a core part for our production now, but we also work hard to prolong the lifetime of the product with eco charging, software updates, and to reduce hazardous materials, says Emelie Runnquist, Director at Urbanears.

*Urbanears Juno consists of 57% plastic, of which 91 % is recycled (excluding plastic in electronic components).

Key features for Juno -

● Active noise cancelling - Drop out or tune in to your surroundings with active noise cancelling and transparency mode.

● App support - Customise your earbuds and keep them up to date in the app to prolong its lifetime.

● Dual connectivity - Stay connected to two devices at once. Makes listening transitions easier.

● All-day playtime – Listen all day with up to 36 hours of total playtime and 8h per charge.

● Wireless Charging - No need for plugs and cords. Just put the case on a charging pad and wait.

● Colourful sound - Enjoy a balanced sound tuned for a variety of music genres.

● Splash resistant - A durable, IPX4 rated design protects your earbuds from sweat and rain.

● Clear calls - Your voice will sound crisp and clear on the other end with ENC.

Urbanears Juno is launching on June 8, at with a retail price of €99.