Seaspiracy and Scottish salmon farms

Shocked viewers want to take action. Here's how

Have you seen Seaspiracy yet? It’s the new number 1 documentary on Netflix. It’s sparked a crucial debate about the health of our oceans, overfishing and the fish-farming industry. It includes powerful footage of Scottish salmon farms which demolishes claims that they’re sustainable, and reveals appalling conditions suffered by the caged fish.

Many viewers have said how shocked and angry they are. They had been buying farmed salmon because they thought it was the right thing to do - misled by cynical industry marketing claims that the industry is “responsible”.

Now, it is possible to directly call out these unethical business practices in the UK.

Please join the movement to challenge industrial salmon farming: sign the petition to Marks & Spencer calling them out for putting misleading labels on their factory farmed salmon.

Thanks to Seaspiracy, now’s the perfect time to spread the word and get more people to sign - so please can you press forward on this article and ask your friends to add their name.

Duping customers into thinking salmon is a greener alternative is a key strategy of this unscrupulous industry. M&S currently labels all of its industrially farmed salmon as “responsibly sourced” - despite it fuelling overfishing (to feed the salmon), and damaging Scotland’s coastline with pollution, disease and parasites.

Now is the perfect time to put pressure on M&S to drop these dodgy claims. Seaspiracy means thousands more customers are angry they’ve been misled. If M&S bosses see the petition growing, they’ll realise claiming their salmon is “responsibly sourced” damages trust in their brand.

M&S is a major salmon retailer - if they’re forced to drop the dodgy labelling, it’ll be big news and other shops will follow.

Getting “responsibly sourced” labels removed won’t fix all the problems revealed by “Seaspiracy” - but it’s a start. A key theme of the film is that many of us care deeply about the oceans and want to do the right thing, but so many shoppers get misled by dodgy industry labelling schemes. This petition is a practical step which everyone outraged by Seaspiracy can help with.

Thanks so much for helping take a stand against industrial salmon farming

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