The Book of Shed

Inspiration to transform your shed into something life changing

Joel Bird (pictured in his shed-top bath) Joel Bird (pictured in his shed-top bath)

Winner of Channel 4s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year competition Joel Bird releases The Book of Shed

The Book of Shed provides all the inspiration and information needed to create a dream space. Packed with practical advice, The Book of Shed covers the history, style, build and case studies of sheds past and present. The humble shed is changing. Gone are the days of small, rickety wooden structures, replaced with a new generation of shed, changing the way we live and work. This is the perfect fireside read whether you’re a seasoned shed-head or completely new to the joys of your own purpose-built haven, whatever and wherever that may be. 

Joel Bird's Roof Shed

A practical illustrated guide, The Book of Shed will teach you how to create your own shed as a peaceful escape away from your home. Joel Bird says: ‘Sheds are changing. No longer the graveyard of unwanted furniture, they are now dedicated, beautiful spaces for dreamers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Whilst there will always be a place for the man-cave, the new generation of sheds is changing the way we live and work. I’m so excited to have such a beautiful book to inspire others to create their own dream space.’

No one knows sheds like Joel Bird. The creativity and knowledge which won him shed of the year is echoed throughout this brilliant book.

George Clarke – Channel 4 Amazing spaces presenter

About the author: Joel Bird was the first winner of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year competition in 2014, and has appeared as a judge on every series since then. He has built over 40 sheds from scratch. Joel lives in North London with his family, and his shed.  Joel Bird's Roof Shed