The time to switch to local food is now

Join the local food revolution and help to fix the sick food industry

How do we fix the Food Industry, together?

Most experts agree that we have an unsustainable and rather sick food industry. Luckily we have a plan to fix it, especially if we can all work together.

What is wrong?

Consumers have become disconnected with where their food comes from and more influenced by supermarket special offers and marketeers than what is healthy and in season from local producers.

Farmers only get an average of 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket and over half the grain we grow in this country goes to feed animals to produce meat, dairy and eggs.

For the last 30 years Western food policy has distorted market forces in the food industry by subsidising cheap, unhealthy food and supporting environmental damage.

As a result, in the USA 40% of food is wasted and the food system is effectively bankrupting the health system. In the UK 30% of food is wasted and 20% of NHS spend is on food related disease.

Taxpayers are paying to subsidise cheap food, then pay again as water rates rise to remove agricultural waste, and pay again with the rising NHS cost of food related disease. Don't even get us started on the extreme animal cruelty channeled through supermarkets.

So where do we want to be?

We need an enlightened society where consumers make the right food buying choices and are enthusiastic about food and cooking.

Where marketeers promotions for unhealthy food are ignored. Sustainable grass fed meat is preferred to cheap imports or low animal welfare meat. And cooking simple healthy meals from low cost seasonal, local, or home grown, veg is the new trend.

This seems a very long way from where we are now so how do we get there?

At BigBarn we have been asking this question for 19 years and believe that with the the younger generation’s growing passion for change there is a solution.

With BigBarn you can -

  • Use the local food map to find producers and retailers in your area from the 8,700+ listed
  • See pictures, offers, text, contact details and in many cases online shops and videos
  • Buy online from 550 artisan producers and retailers who have set up shops in the BigBarn MarketPlace
  • Set up an account and pay securely and quickly like Amazon
  • Find national and local special offers and Deal of the day by ‘opting in’ notification
  • Find outlets flagged with a Carrot and Crop for The Shop
  • Join the BigBarn Loyalty scheme where users are rewarded for purchases or adding content to the website and APP
  • Find a text or video recipe to make the best of your locally sourced food
  • Add a video recipe to BigBarn and perhaps become the next famous chef!
  • Add recommendations for new icons on the map and get loyalty points
  • Read and search food & drink blogs

BigBarn has been helping build the local food industry for 19 years and constantly adding initiatives, to reconnect us with real local food. The more we use it the better, and more sustainable, our food will become.

So please use and show your friends.

When running this project we saw how every child’s attitude change from ‘I hate Carrots’, to, ‘Those are really tasty’, and one child said, ‘I am going to grow some at home as my mum is really unhealthy’. If every child left school knowing how to grow veg, were enthused to cook it, and even sell some to local shops, we would see some really positive changes to health, as well as community building as shops and schools grow and trade healthy food.

Exciting times! And desperately needed to get us, our farmers, and our community, healthy and wealthy. Please spread the word and register here to receive updates on progress.

Or email to get the investor prospectus coming soon.