"Zombie" salmon found suffering at RSPCA-approved farms stuns world media

Salmon were filmed at Bakkafrost (which serves UK retailers) Scotland’s site in Portree missing ‘huge chunks of flesh’, thought to have been caused by predators such as seals

Activist legend, Don Staniford of $camon $cotland has captured shocking footage of ‘zombie salmon’ at a Scottish fish farm, prompting the government to launch an investigation into the operation.

Salmon were filmed at Bakkafrost Scotland’s site in Portree missing ‘huge chunks of flesh’, thought to have been caused by predators such as seals. The animals also looked sick suffering from various diseases and a heavy infestation of parasitic sealice. Don, who shot the footage using a waterproof GoPro, described the scenes as like ‘something out of a horror film’.

A screenshot from Don's footage

He Said -

"Seeing Scottish salmon crammed in cages is heart-breaking. The stench of salmon farming is stomach-churning and makes you want to vomit."

He added:

"The zombie salmon on show inside the salmon farm are like an X-rated horror film. The horrific injuries inside Bakkafrost’s Portree salmon farm were the worst I’ve ever witnessed. Bakkafrost has either not installed proper anti-predator netting or they have not properly maintained the equipment – either way this is a clear cut case of welfare abuse. If salmon farms cannot operate securely without breaching welfare legislation then they should be shut down immediately."

Highland Council and the Scottish government have now launched an inquiry following release of the footage.

Bakkafrost, which describes itself as the ‘leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands’, is a member of the RSPCA Assured scheme.

Industrial salmon factory farming continues to be widely criticised on multiple fronts from the immense suffering it causes the animals through to the devastating impact that it has on surrounding ecosystems.

A second screenshot

In February 2020, scientist Dr Lynne Sneddon criticized the RSPCA for supporting salmon farming in Scotland. The Sunday Times revealed that the RSPCA received over £500,000 from salmon farming companies via the RSPCA Assured certification scheme.

In order to secure this footage, Don paddled out to the grim cages off the Isle of Skye in a kayak. The footage he secured has now been seen by people around the world piling pressure onto this heavily polluting, toxic industry - making the work of the well-paid industry lobbyists and marketeers even more obviously egregious.

The Ecohustler campaign for Marks and Spencer to stop branding their salmon products "responsibly sourced" still stands. As more and more stories of the horrors of salmon factory farming stack up, claims these products are responsible are simply preposterous.

Matt from Ecohustler said -

"The truth is out there! Salmon farming is horrendous and needs to stop. Thanks to brave activists like Don, the world is waking up to how bad the situation is. We want to raise awareness and inspire change in consumers. We should all demand better from our retailers. In general, people do not want animals to be treated like this and do not want food produced in these ways."

"We are still asking people who live near salmon farms to order our whistle blower stickers to help concerned people raise the alarm"


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