Berne turn up the ‘heat’ with debut climate change EP -‘STAY’

Earth-pop duo deliver powerful environmental statement

London based pop duo Berne return with their fourth offering, the thought-provoking climate change single ‘Heat’, alongside their debut EP - ‘Stay’. The EP follows on from the band’s previously released single also named ‘Stay’, a similarly themed eco-friendly anthem, typical of Berne’s ethos so far, accompanied by a detailed stop-motion video.

‘Heat’ is a beautiful tribute song littered with delicate chimes, undulating synths and whispery, eerie vocals, all dedicated to a very worthy cause. Comprising of three previously-released singles, one brand new track and a bonus track, the acoustic version of Berne’s first single ‘Oceans’. ‘Stay’ intimately and creatively explores important global themes such as the climate emergency, the refugee crisis, and animal rights.

Berne expertly combine a distinct mix of abstract and often cerebral lyricism with emotive, vivid imagery, haunting harmonies and dark melodies. The result is an incredibly distinct sonic atmosphere, underpinned by a tenor of unity and collective responsibility towards the planet.

Our debut EP is a reflection of what keeps us up at night. It comes at a time when humans need to work together towards common goals more than ever. We really believe that small changes will collectively make a big impact and that is the common thread in all the songs.

- Berne.

However, Berne’s activism doesn’t just stop at music. The pair have gone one step further by creating and building a low impact, eco-friendly website which is set to go live on the 25th of September, to coincide with the release of their debut EP ‘Stay’. Their goal is to inspire and help other musicians and artists to convert their site into a low-impact one. Once live, you can find it here:

When asked about the idea behind their site, Berne shared that:

“We have decided to replace our dirty old website with a Low Impact Website. One that is 100% powered by on-site solar energy, atmospheric air, and water cooling in California. Everything about this website is designed and implemented in a way that keeps energy consumption to the minimum and shares Berne with the world without harming it. You will notice we are doing without data-heavy elements like images and videos, all of this tremendously reduces data transfers and consequently energy consumption. We are on a mission to get as many artist websites converted into low impact websites as possible! 1 low impact website is insignificant on its own, but multiply that by 500 and collectively we would have made a real difference.”

Using their passion for environmentalism and sustainability, these two Maltese musicians create alternative Earth-pop at it’s finest. The two unite to bravely speak on the pitfalls of human development and industrialisation on the natural world. Berne’s unique sound continues to pave the way for others to follow, they remain the ever brave pioneers of a whole new era of pop, they're calling it Earth-pop.