Dance 4 the Oceans

You're invited to an early morning dance to show your love for the ocean... humans, mermaids, sea creatures all welcome...

The UN are meeting to make some important decisions and us, ravers, could inspire positive change. Get out of bed early on a Monday morning and come dancing with us before you go to work. There'll be awesome music, free drinks and an opportunity to meet some fun and interesting people.

And… the best bit is we're doing this to show our love of the ocean.

Do you love the ocean enough to wake up early and dance for all her majesty???

On the 3rd of July 2023, the countries of the world will send their national delegations to meet at the UN IMO (International Maritime Organisation) in London to agree laws, regulations and treaties that affect what can and cannot happen on the high seas.

To date, shipping has been described as “the world’s dirty secret.” Huge amounts of pollution is dumped at sea and historically it has been a case of “out of sight and out of mind”. The international community has done much more to limit pollution on land than at sea.

We feel very strongly that the time has come to also set limits to the amount of polluting allowed on the oceans. We want to show up (fabulously) and get this message across.

We want to create a massive blast of positivity on the opening day of the conference to raise the vibrations and nudge the meeting and the people making the decisions in the right direction.

We know from our past IMO events that delegates are highly influenced by the demonstrators they walk past to get into the building.

When the delegates arrive on Monday morning we want to blow their minds with a hot, dancing flash mob of brilliant people who give a shit what happens to the oceans.

We think that our impromptu outdoor, daytime rave will be an awe inspiring sight that will inspire media coverage. We also know that the throbbing bass of top quality, uplifting music will let the meeting know we are outside, at the door, applying irresistible pressure.

Sam Moyo hosting a Morning Gloryville party

Our event is being MC’ed by Samantha Moyo. Sam is the founder of the legendary daytime conscious rave Morning Gloryville as well as Moyo Magic and a trustee of ocean charity - City to Sea. Sam said -

“It is the 10 year anniversary since MGV was launched, the mission of all our work must always be to spread joy and inspire positive action. We are delighted to be coming together at this crucial time to dance for, and celebrate, the ocean. Personally, I will be channeling appreciation for all the work being done for the ocean both inside the UN IMO and beyond. Together, with love, joy and peace we can do what it takes to protect our environment and our oceans and our planet. I hope that this dance supports the UN delegates who are standing for the ocean. It's really for them we are showing up. Please join us at this crucial, historic moment."

Ecohustler will be producing the event and providing the top quality sound system. Matt Mellen, the founder and editor of Ecohustler said -

“The decisions made inside the UN IMO during this vital conference will have a huge impact on the planet and people over the coming years and decades. We envision the right decisions being made at the conference and our oceans and atmosphere being protected. We envision shipping becoming truly sustainable by 2030. Whoop whoop!! Let’s dance!!

We have an excellent sound system. We have multiple great DJs (TBC ASAP - watch this space!). We have Sophie Bolton ecstatic dance workshop facilitator extraordinaire. What we need now - more than anything else - is our crowd of dancers. We need YOU!

Please come and join us and dance. Please invite your friends. You can share the event information via the Facebook (FB) page -

Thank you so much for your help! If you need anything please get in touch. Either by email - or via the FB page. If you post questions on the wall we can answer them there which will help other people. We will be updating the FB event regularly with more information as well as on this site and in our newsletter. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for getting involved!



A flashmob of diverse Londoners are coming together to dance and demonstrate at a crucial UN ocean conference. Music will be played by top London DJs.


Shipping remains a significant global source of pollution and a relatively unregulated section of the economy. This UN conference (MEPC 80) presents a crucial opportunity to clean up shipping now.


The UN IMO, International Maritime Organisation. 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7JW


Monday, July 3rd, 2023 - 07.00 - 11.00


  • We are not planning to interfere with anyone going about their business. We are not going to block access to the building or traffic on the road. We want our protest to be a humongous, warm outpouring of love. We don’t anticipate any issues with law enforcement. If the police do show up with a bad vibe - obviously the easiest way to diffuse it is to walk up the pavement for a bit.
  • If you feel like dancing is not your thing (Sophie may help to change your mind) we also need people to hold placards and banners. The more people who show up - the more impactful our action will be.
  • Everyone is invited to join in. If you have accessibility issues - just get in touch and we will do whatever you can to include you.