Dance 4 the Oceans - THE VIDEO

Thank you so much to everybody who came together to co-create Dance 4 the Oceans the event. Also an immense thank you to Global Ocean who funded the video

Our mission is to raise awareness about ecological issues but to do it in a different way. We want to raise people’s spirits and have fun.

The UN IMO shipping conference (MEPC 80) happening this week in London is serious stuff. What is agreed inside the building will have an immense impact on how much polluting continues to happen at sea over the coming years and decades. A good outcome could see emissions slashed by half by 2030 and less dumping of plastic and other pollution.

We wanted to show up on the opening day of the conference to show that people care and also to express our love for the oceans and our gratitude for the people in the meeting - the delegates - who are working hard to get a good deal for people and the planet.

To pull this event off it was crucial to get the right team in place. We partnered with Samantha Moyo (Moyo Magic) who is both a trustee of City to Sea and the founder of Morning Gloryville. Samantha and Miranda Davis of Moyo Magic co-produced the event and invited wonderful people.

Sophie Bolton becoming a mermaid - photo credit - Tom Sweetland

Sophie Bolton is an ecstatic dance facilitator. She also helped design the event and invite people and along with Eoghan McDonaugh (our videographer - Habitus Insight) solved most of the technical problems around setting up a solar powered sound system on a pavement.

Once the core team was in place we booked awesome talent to bring the best music and vibes. Our DJs were Giles Smith (NTS), Wild Sirenda (Colours of Love), Sophie Bolton and Kieran Collins (KC). The music was fantastic and from 0700 am on Monday morning we had a happy crowd of dancers outside the UN IMO.

Team Ecohustler... on a roll!! - photo credit - Tom Sweetland

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up to dance and celebrate the oceans - we couldn’t have done this without you!!

Other organizations helped out with the event - in particular XR Lambeth who did a great job helping with crowd control and stewarding.

One of the most wonderful aspects of this action was the response from the delegates. Many were delighted to see us and either chatted to us or gave thumbs up and big smiles. The consensus was that a positive celebration of the oceans was an excellent way to start the week and get things onto a positive vibration. We had 600 Dance 4 the Oceans fliers - all of which were taken by delegates.

Another delegate woo-ed by Jessie Brinton - photo credit - Tom Sweetland

Please help us to keep sharing content from this event - especially the video over the course of this week. The ocean conference runs until Friday and our pressure can help to nudge the meeting towards a good outcome.

The video is available on social channels here -