Earth 2 Jay Kay

There is an emergency on planet earth and these dudes have made a whole album about it!

Earth to Jay Kay… Come in Jay Kay!

The first CD album I ever bought was Emergency on Planet Earth the debut album of Jamiroquai. I was blown away, not just by the wicked tunes and musical groove but by the uncompromising, switched-on message. Undoubtably this album had a profound impact on my 13-year-old mind. There is an emergency on planet earth and these dudes have made a whole record about it! Remember how good this one is? Yeah baby! But wait a second… check out this mother… it’s even better! 

This was in 1992! This cat was way ahead of his time! But then something went terribly wrong…

Jay Kay post ‘success’

After becoming a multimillionaire popstar, Jay Kay was lured to the Darkside. In particular he became fascinated with the power of long dead organisms, released with fury in the internal combustion engines of his supercars. The fossil fuel fumes must have done something to his brain because since then he is often seen in London, off his nut, getting noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Jay Kay in a new Ferrari Source:

Jay Kay's £180k Lamborghini Diablo SE30 ultra-rare 'Anniversary' edition after a smash

Jay Kay scrapping on a night out in London (Source:

Jay Kay gets nailed by the dreaded 'biker cops'. Source:

Jay Kay… what happened? Come back to planet earth! We need you now more than ever! Didgin’ Out Coolest opening of any tune? Didgin’ Out (I used to repeat the first 5 seconds of the album version repeatedly!) For more sweet eco tunes… check out: the top 10 eco tunes of all time