Forest Soul by Magical Misty Oldland

Let Misty Oldland sooth your soul while she gets funky with Gaia

misty 2Let Misty Oldland sooth your soul while she serenades Gaia - Forest Soul is available for download on iTunes and on Spotify. Misty Oldland is a pop star, artist, writer and white witch. She had global success in the 90s with her laid back funk including top ten hits in Europe and Japan and a number 1 in Iceland. In 2006 she released Forest Soul an amazing eco album. She is currently developing a children’s story, The Golden Seed in which a secret league of endangered animals save the planet. EcoHustler is massively proud she is in the EcoHustler Advisory Posse! For more info, check out:

Bonus Videos - Misty back in the day\_Cp9U


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