Music from the UK's woodland protection camps

Ancient woodlands in England are inspiring new musical creations

Check out this incredible, spontaneous, music video from singer-song writer Amber-Rose.

Massive thanks to Eoghan McDonaugh and Tom Sweetland for creating the video on the hoof and turning it around it record time.

Last week a posse of us went to Crackley Wood Protection Camp to show our support, drop supplies and make a video. It was amazing to be there and see the good people coming together to protect this country's precious ancient woodland. We shot a film about it that is coming out next Wednesday (June 3rd). Watch this space...

I highly recommend going down there. It is beautiful and the people there need our support.

Whilst there we were blown away by all the inspirational, determined people who are doing everything they can to protect the trees. Amongst them are talented musicians keeping morale up with their songs. We made the snap decision to use the film crews skills and kit to shoot a music video of Amber and her song. We are all so happy with the magic that happened.

Amber says -

I wrote this song after I heard about the deforestation of our Ancient Woodlands cutting through the heart our country by HS2. It's affected me deeply, but made me connect to nature more than ever before, it being my muse during the lockdown. I wrote this song so who listens can be reminded to connect to all of nature, which we are all a part of.

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You can join the vital mission to protect ancient woodland in the UK including -

Check out some more music from the camps. We are going to go back and shoot more videos