Salmon campaign update

Are you ready to become a vigilante consumer?

115,000 UK shoppers signed our petition calling on M&S to come clean about the damage caused by their factory farmed salmon products. They met with us and received the petition and yet still they continue to market these products that carry enormous environmental impacts as "responsibly sourced."

This simply is not good enough. Shoppers are being duped into buying very damaging products they might otherwise avoid if they were accurately labelled.

We know the oceans are in a terrible state. 90% of big fish have gone to overfishing. We need our supermarkets to be open, honest and transparent about the impacts of the products they bring to market so that consumers are empowered to make good choices.\_A

Our analysis has shown, without any doubt, that Marks and Spencer farmed salmon has all the same problems associated with it as any other supermarket salmon.

The animals are crammed into cages at such high density they suffer from disease and sea lice parasites. The sea lice infect wild salmon swimming by the cages - now wild salmon are in serious decline in Scotland and could go extinct.

Massive amounts of wild fish are caught elsewhere in the world to feed the caged salmon and on top of all of this - immense amounts of raw sewage is spewed out into precious coastal marine habitats from the open cages.

The factory farming of salmon is as perverse and damaging to planet earth as any factory farming and is anything but "responsible".

So... we have made stickers to alert fellow shoppers to the damage being done. You can see one in use in this video -\-9WasY

If corporations are going to make immense profits whilst harming nature we have to step up and become vigilante consumers. It is not enough to just avoid these products - we have to actively alert our friends, families and communities to avoid these products as well. That is why we are using these new stickers to alert fellow shoppers to the most dodgy products.

Buy the Ecohustler product warning sticker

If we learned anything from COP26 it is this - governments and corporations would rather maintain the business status quo than take appropriate action to protect the natural world we all depend on. Now is the time for those of us who want to see nature protected to step up and do more to protect Planet Earth.

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