Stand up to shipping - your invitation to get involved

Can you help us stop Big Oil's dirty new fuels at a crucial time?

From time to time crucial opportunities present themselves when we can apply precise pressure and achieve historic social and environmental gains. Such a moment is upon us and you can help.

Could you join a simple, fun event to help tackle climate change, and protect the arctic from pollution? It's in London on the South Bank, at 8am on Monday February 17th.

The event will be easy, welcoming and friendly, there'll be free breakfast, and it will all be over before 10am - and you'd be helping protect the environment.

If you think there’s even a small possibility you might be interested, or that you might know someone else who is, please read on to find out more...


Shipping is a major polluter. As big ships travel across the world, they burn huge amounts of extremely dirty fuels, such as “bunker oil”. These dirty fuels cause deadly air pollution, threaten fragile ecosystems such as the arctic, and have a serious impact on climate change.

The global body in charge of making rules about shipping is called the UN International Maritime Organisation (UN IMO). It has its headquarters in London. The UN IMO has the power to introduce new restrictions on burning these incredibly dirty fuels. We urgently need the UN IMO to put these new rules in place to bring down pollution from shipping.

On February 17th 2020 the UN IMO is holding an important meeting, in London. They’ll discuss options for new pollution rules for shipping. Representatives will attend from across the world. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of shipping will be watching. This is our chance to put pressure on the decision-makers to take action to reduce the pollution caused by shipping.

The plan

Campaigners and concerned citizens are gathering at 8am outside the UN IMO in London (address below). We will work with actors to create an Arctic crime scene to focus hearts and minds on the harm being done to one of the world’s most precious and fragile ecosystems.

You don’t have to do much other than turn up and show you care. The more people like you that attend, the more pressure it will put on the UN IMO to do the right thing. Every extra person there is an extra signal, an extra bit of urgency calling for change.

We will be serving a delicious, free, vegan breakfast of buckwheat pancakes made with love by our friends at Natural State foods.

3 things you can do now

  1. Please go to the Facebook page and sign up to attend -
  2. Please forward this email to five people you think might be interested to join us at 0800 on February 17th in London on the South Bank
  3. Please go to the Facebook page and invite friends to join us that way too (full instructions below) -

By 10am our event will be over and we can return to life as normal, go to work, school or whatever we normally do on a Monday. If you come and help make the event a success, you’ll know that you did something very important to help protect our world, the Arctic, our children and our future.

Please help mobilise people at this critical time and help to drive the change we need to see in the world.

Hope to see you there!


More information

If you are coming please RSVP to Matt and / or indicate you are coming on the Facebook page.


International Maritime Organization

4 Albert Embankment

London SE17SR

United Kingdom


0830 - 1030, February 17th, 2020

How do I invite friends on Facebook to the event?

  • Click on the link to the Facebook page
  • Click on share and then click on invite friends
  • Pick the friends you think may be interested
  • Hit send invites

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