Campaigns converge calling for people to be prioritised over profit

Historic moment as tractor convoy protesting Agriculture Bill meet HS2 protesters in London

On Wednesday, mothers, grandmothers, children and friends stood together against HS2 outside the Royal Courts of Justice where an appeal against the ecocidal project was taking place before marching to parliament.

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While we stood there, irreplaceable habitats were being eradicated at Cubbington near Kenilworth for a train line that will never be carbon neutral in its service life and likely save a mere 20 minutes. All this in an era of a new mass extinction and climate crisis.

We stood on parliament square with our StopHS2 banners next to the pro-European groups when the motorcade of tractors and UK farmers arrived honking their horns at the house of commons to protest the agriculture bill that will see food and land quality standards go into free fall for the sake of a short term boost in trade.

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The connection between the citizens present and our apparently different causes was easy to feel. We are all fighting for justice against the same injustices. Justice in a time after Covid-19 when the UK, which imports the majority of what it consumes, cannot risk further losses to agricultural security; justice by a new way forward from a government that has publicly acknowledged the climate and ecological emergency and has pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050 (HS2 is unlikely to be until 2160); justice to not spend over £100bn on an unnecessary project while the country is on the edge of a recession that, like all recessions will affect the poor and marginalised disproportionately.

We are all fighting against this manic cry to develop and 'build build build' with no mention of deferring to the people, no mention of asking people what they need to organise, to take responsibility, to care for themselves and their land and their thrive, the same injustice that incentivises corporations to 'develop' other nations, pushing people off their land, extracting resources and degrading cultures. What was so clear yesterday [on Wednesday] was that these injustices are happening right here and we must all stand together to stop them.

We cannot afford to stay divided and silent. To stay apart is violence. Rise up for each other.